Overview of favourite browser games

Browser games are best way to entertain myself while working. No need to download, just a couple of clicks to enjoy the fun then come back to work. We all have sh**t to live for right ^^

Below is overviews of some browser game that I often play during the day.

Terra Militaris

“Terra Militaris is a free to play real-time strategy browser game and requires no downloads.

Terra Militaris photo

Choose your civilization and build your own empire in one of our four great ancient nations: Egypt, China, Persia, or Rome. In this browser based real-time strategy game your empire will evolve through Five different eras: from the savage Primitive Era to the glorious Imperial Era. History is waiting to be written by you!

This is the Best New Game 2010 by gamingxp.com

Where to check out Terra Militaris?

Terra Militaris Official Site
Place to have a Terra Militaris experience

Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood

Super cool, no install, no fee!

Einherjar battle

Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood (http://www.ein-herjar.com/) is a browser-based game combining smooth turn-based tactic and RPG elements that let you start as a Viking leader and strengthen your Viking clan. You must train your army through numerous battles and master tactics for each type of map to subjugate your opponents and forge a vast empire!

– Free to play
– Browser based, no need to download or set up clients
– Turn-based tactics with RPG elements
– Diversified character classes of heroes and braves
– Powerful guild system which enable players to gather for battles
– Unique colonial wars with valuable prizes
– Sukumi relationship (Axe is strong against Spear, Spear is strong against Sword, Sword is strong against Axe)
– Lifelike aging of characters (characters can die of old age)
– Marriage & birth
– Exceptional “cold sleep” function

Where to check out Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood?

Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood Official Site
Place to have an Einherjar experience
Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood Trailer
Place to have a peek at Einherjar gameplay


Travian photo

Travian is one of the oldest major browser based strategy games currently available. Set during the classic Roman Age, players start the game with a single undeveloped town and must build a global empire. Players choose from three tribes during account creation: the Romans, Gauls, or Teutons. Each tribe has different strengths and weaknesses, along with 10 unique military units. Unlike other strategy games, Travian has a very real end-point. Every 300 or 100 days (depending on server type) each server enters end-game mode where an NPC controlled tribe, the Natars, continually attack players while they attempt to build a Wonder. The first player to fully construct a Wonder is coined the winner and the server restarts.

Where to check out Travian?

Travian Official Site
Place to have a Travian experience

Tribal Wars

tribal wars photo

Tribal Wars is a strategy based game where players grow their cities and settle new ones to expand their empire. Certain buildings like mines or lumber yards generate resources such as Wood, Clay, and Iron. But Tribal Wars isn’t just a medieval Sim City, players must be ever vigilant and guard against attacks from their neighbors. With an open PvP environment, a strong military is a necessity in guarding your bustling empire. Players are rewarded for raiding nearby villages so the training and upkeep of military units plays a large role. Be warned that Tribal Wars is a slow paced game, especially during the beginning. With a single village to manage and long build queries, it can take many days or week to get the ball rolling. Tribal Wars is best enjoyed in small amounts each day.

Where to check out Tribal Wars

Tribal Wars Official Site
Place to have a Tribal Wars experience

Call of Gods

Call of Gods photo

Call of Gods is a top-down, you could say semi turn-based strategy game, by Aeria Games, also known for such games as Perfect World and Battlefield Heroes. Players embody one of three races (humans, elves, undead), each of which possess two classes. The core of the gameplay includes turn-based combat, city building and loot collecting, with occasional PvP and dungeon exploring thrown in. It’s a game that is sure to catch the interest of many through its traditional elements, but its lack of control over the turn-based fighting moments will disappoint many a players. However, Call of Gods remains an okay experience for a browser-based game, and scores many-a-points for its addictive dungeon-crawling, loot-collecting gameplay.

Where to check out Call of Gods

Call of Gods Official Site
Place to have a Call of Gods experience