Result of 1st Week of Einherjar Trial Event

Hi everyone, thanks so much for participating in the 1st week of Einherjar trial event. Below is the result of this week.

Go to for a larger image.

The rewards have been distributed so check that right after today’s maintenance time.

Hope you all will participate more in our trials next week ^^

*Next week, please use a third-party host like flick or minus to upload your images then link them to your post so that every image can be put in 1 post. This will help us keep track more easily.

Thanksgiving every day in Einherjar

Dear players,

Thanksgiving season is coming in the air and we would like to send our sincere thanks to players who have been warmly supporting Einherjar. Therefore, we will dedicate a gifting event to all of you for the whole November!

From 31 October to 28 November 2012 (SGT or GMT+8), you will get 1 special gift when you first log in Einherjar every day. These gifts will be chosen randomly by our system, so it is your mere luck for getting valuable items.

Moreover, if you log in the game for 5 consecutive days, you can even get better gifts on the 5thday! And that will be also chosen randomly.

After logging in, please refresh your browser then check your in-game message box to see what your luck brings to you.

We sincerely hope this 1-month event may add more fun to your playing time in Einherjar – The Viking’ Blood.