One Year Anniversary event announced in Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood

It has been 1 year since the official release of Einherjar – The Viking’ Blood, the turn-based web game developed and published by Appirits Inc. And to mark that development milestone, the publisher has created a 1-year Einherjar Anniversary event for all their players to enjoy and claim gifts from 6 to 20 February 2013 (GMT+8). 1 year Einherjar anniversary event

During the event, there are several brand new materials scattered around all maps with different drop rates. They are One Year, Anniversary, Einherjar, and Ale (cannot be traded at the market). Collecting all of them via expeditionary battles and players will receive valuable gifts from the game.

1/One Year + Anniversary = Blood Crystal (except God Blood)

2/One Year + Anniversary + Einherjar = Massive (except God Massive)

3/One Year + Anniversary + Einherjar + Ale = Stats Crystal

Those gifts can be obtained via the Event tab of Production section.

Please note that the event materials will not drop after the event but players still can produce the items after that if they have enough required materials.

Moreover, the hero summon rate will be DOUBLED in 1 week from 6 to 13 February for celebrating the remarkable time in Einherjar.


About Einherjar: Einherjar – The Viking’s Blood is a browser-based game combining smooth turn-based tactic and RPG elements that let players start as Viking leaders and strengthen their Viking clans. Players must train their armies through numerous battles and master tactics for each type of map to subjugate their opponents and forge a vast Viking empire!




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About Appirits:

Appirits (formerly known as KBMJ) is a corporation specialized in developing Internet systems and services. Appirits has participated in the web game market since 2010 and is creating many new games with nearly 11 years of experience in the web industry.



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Toolkit for Einherjar Newcomers – Getting Strong Units

by squidrick » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:44 am

Einherjar The Viking Blood

Einherjar Warriors

Zsaber once again allready made all the work for that. Please check this thread:

I will add some things.Two kind of players:
-Slow Player. Level all his lowbies in base till lvl 30 and only get into expedition with 18 recommended battle times. He will mate his units very young and will get best babies.
-Grinder. Will battle a lot and thus his units will get old faster. He will get babies with lower th but the time the slow player can breed one generation, the grinder can breed two and this will compensate. He will get more items with sacrificing caus he will sacrfice twice more units and obsicouly way more drops from his fights. Also it seems that the latest the generation is, the easier it will be for the units to get stats every level.

About demi humans and mating:
Demi Human = pooka or empusa (or their advanced versions baphomet and succubus).
If you mate a demi human with a human, the baby will always get born with the job of the human. So if you want a demi human baby, you have no choice but to mate an empusa with a pooka.


Upgrading items

Some items can only be created via the repair tab if you have a particular item in your inventory. Here is my list, if you know some others please let me know.
Heal Leaf -> Heal Potion
Heal Leaf -> Dispell Potion (useless atm)
Mana Robe -> Battle Garb
Arrow Ring -> Ranger Ring
Safeguard Ring -> Phalanx Ring
Desperado Ring -> Savage Ring
Diamond Ring -> Orichalcon ring

Some equips can also be upgraded with the same repair tab. It’s the case for all the fake artifacts (usualy droped by bosses of the different maps). Each fake artifacts (R.xxxx) can be upgraded to normal version with 2 ori ores and to God version with a god ore. For example, the very commonly used accessory Liathfail:
R.Liathfail: Int+2, Tech+2, Agi+2, Luck+2, HP+5
Liathfail: Int+3, Tech+3, Agi+3, Luck+10, HP+5
God Liathfail: Int+4, Tech+5, Agi+5, Luck+10, HP+7

Some armors can be upgraded too with a certain limit (Cry Orchain, Cardinal Holy Shroud) or some weapons (labrys axe, failnaught, Joyeuse, Ice Falchion, Gaboi Spear, Zantetu Blade). They will get a +1 (or 2 or 3 etc… depending on the number of upgrades made) next to theri name.


We have a great team of GM and new events are runned every weeks. Those events take place during each maintenance so be sure to check the latest main website news after each maintenance to not miss them. All events are really worth it.


You can run very good without power. But don’t hesitate to buy some to support this great game ^^
Power mostly help you achieve your goals faster. Power can be used to:
-Get additional lands for your base (600, 900 and 1200 power)
-Double xp for 3 days (300 pwr)
-Double drop for 3 days (300 pwr)
-Skip a year (30 pwr) but just ignore this, you can do this for free by moving a unit around the world)
-Change the name or the picture of a unit (30 pwr)
-Rejuvenation (300 pwr) can only be used on a hero. Makes the hero ten years younger.
-Reincarnation (250 pwr) can only be used on 0 year old lvl 1 units. Randomize the baby according to his parents status (sex, blood, and class can be changed). This can be useful if you mated two third class units with high th and you expect a third class baby (third class babies can have more max th at birth then class 1 & 2 babies). Or if you want to keep a god blood lineage (last baby of your unit with Odin blood, still no Odin baby and you’ll loose the lineage, you can reincarnate till you get a baby with Odin blood). Or if you want your baby to inherit specific skills (example the father has Magic Break 3, which is a pain to get, and you really want to pass it to at least one of its kid)
-Raid protection (300 pwr). Will protect you from ennemy raids for 7 days. Will be canceled if you raid someone.
-Finishing a task (from 50 to 200 power). Instantly finish a task of one of your worker. Can be really helpful for example for last upgrade of a market which lasts 2 weeks!
-Refreshing summon list of the square (100 power). Or you can wait fro 00.00 server time for a free refresh. Really not worth it imo.
-Summon a brave (300 power). By using this feature you have a chance to see appearing a brave unit in your square (or a class 2 hero if you’re lucky, or nothing if you’re unlucky) ready to be summoned. A brave unit is a blooded unit with better stats then other units you can normaly find in square and with allready some good skills.
-Summon a Hero (600 power). Can get you any hero randomly, or a brave, or nothing. To know if a unit is a hero or not, it must appear in this page:
Note: heroes never lose LP no matter how or how many times they die in a fight. Heroes are good to get good children faster. In the long run, normal units will be way better then heroes. You’ll get some free heroes with main quests (Bridget, Reis, Egil, Asteria and maybe Latona)
Cold sleep (300 pwr per slot). It allows you to keep your units younger. Free come and go for 30 irl days then if a unit is in the cold sleep slot after the 30 days, it will remain frozen till you take it back. If you take the unit back after 30 days, the cold sleep slot will retrun to close state.
Free come and go for 30 irl days mean that you can get into expedition, fight as much as you want then return to your base before the end of the year. You put then each of the units you want to keep young in the cold sleep slots, pass the year by traveling to the closest destination then back to the base. Take back all the units in the cold sleep slots then repeat the process.

How to get free power?
-You’ll get 2×300 with beginner quests
-You’ll get 1 power every day you log in.
-Referal programs (click on the image on the top right corner of your screen)


Finaly the best thing you might need, wikis with all infos about drops, quests, mobs locations (where can I find Ragnar?), items etc…

Wiki 1:
Wiki 2:

Wiki 1 is more accurate but wiki 2 has some things that wiki 1 hasn’t, liek for example the position of units and ennemies at the beginning of the fight.

Note: those are translated versions of japanese wikis so names aren’t always correctly translated but it’s very easy to figure out.

If you have read it all, gratz you now know all you need to know. Now just roxx the place!

Thanks to Baenre Jarlaxle for rereading and for some suggestions that had to be added.


Toolkit for Einherjar Newcomers – Base

by squidrick » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:43 am

Einherjar territory

Einherjar territory

We allready saw the auto-producing facilities in the first post. Now about shops and other buidlings.

You might have noticed or not but if you wanna be able to craft everything you’ll need all shops (blacksmith, leather, cloth, magic and accessory) x2. Yes twice the hard work.
Blacksmith can let you produce swords, axes, spears, chains and plates.
Leather shop can let you produce leather armors, xxx leather (which are used for some crafts in other categories) and some accessories.
Magic shop can let you produce spells, accessories and some special items like runic proof or Elf Jadeite among others.
Accessory shop can let you produce shields, bucklers and bows.
Cloth shop can let you produce armors usualy used by mages or archers, garbs, surcoats (accessories with added hit and avoid) and cloth materials needed to craft things in other production tabs.
Max level or shops is 11.Note: while all the weapons and accessories you can produce are tradables, only low level armors are. Weapons need a shop of its craft level to be repaired.

Special buildings:
Warrior house: allows you to mate units of opposite sex in order to get children. You can have a maximum of two warrior houses.
Square: for recruiting new units. Lvl 2 square can make lvl 10 units appearing, lvl 3 square (which is the maximum atm, 5 on the jp server) can make pooka and empusa units appearing in the square. You can have only one square maximum.
Monster Square: not implemented yet. Will allow us to recruit monster units (like ogres, fairies, skeletons etc…)
Lord House: determine the maximum number of each material you can stock. Level 1 allows 50 of each material and this number is doubled with each upgrade for a maximum of 3200 with level 7 (6400 with level 8 on jp server).
Fort: each fort can contain one unit that will defend you against ennemy raids. You can have up to three forts and their max level is 3. A fort increases the avoid rate of the unit in it.
Fort Level 1 – +5% avoid
Fort Level 2 – +15% avoid
Fort Level 3 – +25% avoid
If you have a guild, you’ll get as many guild supports as you need to reach the number of 5 defenders (so 4 guild supports can help you if you have only one fort with a unit in it or 2 guild support units will join you if you have three forts with a unit in it). But beware, you can only have supports within a 5 level range of your units. So if your guild have lvl 50 supports avalaibles, you’ll need to have at least one lvl 45 unit in a fort in order to get their help.
Same 5 levels range rule for raid attacks, you can use up to 3 units for a raid + one support from the guild for a total of 4 attackers.
Big Tree: gives a def/mdef bonus to your units in your fort(s). The bonus does not apply to support units.
Big Tree Level 1 – +3/+3 Defence/MDef
Big Tree Level 2 – +4/+4 Defence/MDef
Big Tree Level 3 – +5/+5 Defence/MDef
Big Tree Level 4 – +6/+6 Defence/Mdef
Big Tree Level 5 – +7/+7 Defence/Mdef
Alhing: 4 options avalaibles with this building.
-Delete Data: hope you’ll never use this button and will keep playing.
-Ceremony: add a bonus to a unit equiped with a crystal (can be new skill, +1 of a particular stat or change of the unit’s blood). Those crystals can be crafted with the combine tab of the production button.
-Sacrifice Soul: any lvl 45+ unit can be sacrified or heroes/braves at any time without any level limitation. Sacrificing a unit will give you a soul chalice by 100% chances. You can also get a blood of the unit’s blood by chances. In the case of a hero you’ll get a massive of its blood by 100% chance and a blood of its blood by 100% chances for a brave. You can also get by 100% chance a stat blood for each stat the unit will have maxed before getting sacrified. So if your unit has maxed for example str, int and tech, you’ll get str blood, tech blood, int blood, soul chalice and maybe a blood of its blood. Max stats for each classes can be checked here: Thx Zsaber.
-Change Job: allows you to change job of a unit equiped with runic proof or valaha god proof. Runic proof are used to access 2nd class jobs and valaha god prooves to access 3rd class jobs.
Sword Fighter -> Sword guard or Sword Master -> Highlander
Axe Fighter -> Axe guard or Axe Master -> Berserker
Spear Fighter -> Spear guard or Spear Master -> Servant
Half Elf -> Elf Lord (less then 300 notoriety) or Dark Elf (more then 300 notoriety) -> High Elf
Sister -> Bishop -> Cardinal
Templar Knight -> Paladin
Archer -> Ranger -> Hawkeye
Empusa -> Succubus
Pooka -> Baphomet

How to get runic and valaha god prooves?
You need to craft proof of Sven Warrior + proof of Dane Warrior + proof of Norse Warrior with catalyst tab to get one runic proof. Freya Emblem + Thor Emblem + Odin Emblem will make a Valaha God proof.
Every Monday at 16.00, you’ll get one random warrior proof if you have at least one unit lvl 20+ and one random emblem if you have at least one unit lvl 40+.
Other ways to get warrior prooves and emblems:
-Raid other players, every warrior prooves and emblems have one rarity.
-You can drop warrior prooves on certain spots of some maps.
-You can buy warrior prooves 80k each in Edinburgh if it’s on the sale list of the day (but better buy allready made runic prooves in the market fot 100-150k)
-Some colonies have warrior prooves in their spoil list to be distributed.
-If you are the MVP of a colony (means your guild has taken the colony and you’re the one of your guild who scored the most points there) you can get a runic proof, an emblem or a valaha god proof depending on the colony.
So technically the best way to get valaha god prooves is to raid players with lvl 40+ units.

Best moment to use a runic or Valaha god proof?
As 2nd classes get more stats per level then class 1 units and class 3 even more, best time to use those is at lvl 1.
There can be an exception about skills. For example only masters can learn the skill Double attack 4. So if for example you have an axe fighter who got born with DA 1 and you want a berserker with DA 4, you’ll need to use a runic proof on lvl 1 to turn the axe fighter into axe master. Then level the axe master to lvl 24 in order to have DA 4 and finally use valaha god proof in order to have a berserker with double attack 4. (note: if your unit got born as a berserker the only way to get DA 4 would be to use a double attack crystal once your unit has DA 3)
Another example would be leveling half elf to lvl 10 in order to have bow avoid skill, then turn him into dark elf or high elf for Double Magic 4. Or get critical 4 as ranger then turn him into a hawkeye caus hawks can’t learn critical 4 while rangers can.

Note: units get an additional skill at lvl 10, 17, 24, 31, 38 and 45.

You can check all skills and there effects here: (thx again Zsaber)
Skills that each different classes can naturally learn: (thx to nerovesper)

Additional lands:

You can get up to 4 additional spots to build new buildings. 3 can be bought with power (600, 900 and 1200 power) and 4th can be goten with destiny quest. I suggest that you spend the power you’ll get with beginner quest (2×300 power) for the first new land.

What bases of the top players look like

All shops x2
3 forts
1 big tree
1 square
1 warrior house
Lord House
Remaining slots if there are any will be filed with markets usualy (the easy free cash it provides allow to buy whatever is needed)

Autoproducing facilities are good for those who play time to time five minutes a day. If you’re an active player you’ll slowly destroy them one by one to replace them with more useful buildings.