Toolkit for Einherjar Newcomers – Expedition

by squidrick on Tue Jan 15, 2013 6:05 am

Einherjar battle

Einherjar expeditionary battle

You can get in expedition as soon as you start the game if you know what you are doing but I suggest you to wait till you have 8 units. How to get this number? Follow the beginner quests. At some point an elf (mage) and a sister (healer) will be added to you initial crew bringing the total to 5. Then later you’ll be asked to build a square. Square allows you to recruit more units, up to three random ones every day. The recruit list changes everyday at 00.00 and it is highly suggested to check it every day and to recruit all blooded units ( … lationship) that you can find there. Blooded units has better chances to get stats at every level up. Your lord start with the Brunhilde blood which help to increase str, def and hp.
So once the square in built you can recruit 3 more units bringing the total to 8.
Why 8 units? Up to 3 units can be working at the same time (harvesting, building or upgrading). It is highly suggested to have 3 constantly working.
About harvesting:
Mining brings you silver ore, tin ore, copper ore, lime, iron ore and corundum.
Loging brings you log, ash wood, oak wood, abies wood and line.
Quarrying brings you plant ash, obsidian, alunite, stone ore, quartz and beryl.
Hunting brings you bear, wolf, rabbit and food.
You can get your units up to level 30 in base with harvesting, building or upgrading. Once a unit hit the level 30 it won’t get any xp from those with the exception of training.
Training is usable only by units lvl 20+. It lasts 8 hours and rewards the unit with around 300xp. You also have a chance to get an item by training (among ygg leaf, silk cloth, ogre skin, juton skin, imp skin, muspel stone, dwarf coin, blue diamond, secret of cyclops rock, ancient trees yutoun). Units are trainable till the max level aka lvl 50.
Lvl 1-10 units can harvest up to 60 minutes.
Lvl 11-20 units can harvest up to 120 minutes.
Lvl 21+ units can harvest up to 180 minutes.

So was saying before I interrupt myself that you can have up to 3 units working and a maximum of 5 units can participate in a battle in expedition despite you can bring with you up to 10 units. So that makes a total of 8. Bringing more then 5 units in expedition can have an advantage, you can have 5 “slaves” carrying brand new weapons for your main team so that they can change their equipment once the ones originaly carried run out of durability. Note: if a weapon reaches 0 durability it will be gone forever so better unequip it once it reaches low durability in order to repair it once you’ll be back in your base. But bringing many units in expedition has also a disavantage. Indeed, the more units you take with you, the more food you’ll consume.

About food:
If you reaches 0 food while your in expedition, all your units will start the battle with 1HP. So pretty tense to win with that huge disadvantage.
You can get food with a field, a farm, buy them 30 gold each in the market or raid those as seen earlier.

Refresh the page (F5)
If during a battle one of your unit die or if you break a weapon and you really didn’t want that to happen, you can refresh the page to start the battle over. You can refresh as many times as you need in expedition. Refreshes are limited to 2 during colony attacks and upsala fights. Refreshing in a raid = auto loose and all your units will loose a LP.

Bonuses during a fight

Those who played FFT will try side and back attacks. Side attack doesn’t give any bonus but attacking an ennemy in the back will provide you a +15% hit rate.
Also if a sword type unit attack an axe type unit, it will get a +15% hit rate too. Same goes if an axe type unit attack a spear guy or if a spear guy attack a sword guy.
Attacking from behind with a spell will not provide any bonus.

About xp:

Only the unit who kill the mob will get the xp. That’s why leveling a sister can be boring caus she’s generaly healing instead of hiting. If one of your unit get some xp in a fight, all your units will get a +5xp bonus at the end of the fight. I say if one of your unit get some xp caus it’s not automatic. Indeed, the more th (sum of all stats, can be seen in the unit button of your unit tab or by adding str + tech + agi + def + int + luck of a unit) your unit have compared to the th of the mobs, the less xp you’ll get. This can be decreased till 0. So for better leveling, the higher the map the better it is. Plus mobs of different maps give more and more xp.

Xp bonuses:
-Recommended battle times. Symbolised by the axes on the top of your screen, you get 3 of those every 8 hours. As long as you have recommended battle times, your xp will be multiplied by 5. You can stock up to 18 recommended battle times.
-Elite skill:
elite I: +20%xp
elite II: +50%xp
elite III:+100%xp
elite IV: +150%xp

Note: healing an undead will not damages it but will actually heal it. Healing mobs can sometimes be useful if you want to kill a specific mob with a specific unit without it getting ksed by the counter attack of another of your units.

Finish Battle Button

Using this will end your current battle. Can save you time if you know that there are no way that you can win the actual fight. But be careful if you use it, all your unit will lose one LP (which they all would have do anyway if you are no match against the ennemies). Saves also durability with the time and it will not be counted in Times of loss of battle ranking.

About the team
3 melees, 1 mage, 1 healer can clear any map with proper level and equips. If you’re having a hard time you can use a corner of the map with the 3 melees blocking the path to your magic classes and abuse the standy option with melees.
My favorite PvE team is 2 melees, 1 high elf (high elves can use holy rosario spell so can help the healer sometimes), 1 cardinal and one hawkeye.




Toolkit for Einherjar Newcomers – How can I get gold?

by squidrick » Tue Jan 15, 2013 4:42 am

All the things you need to know to not get lost in the game. I categorized the text but sometimes I abord a subject earlier so better read all, even if you’re a lazy reader of the latest generation.
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How can I get gold?That’s the most frequently asked question. Several ways are offered to you:
-Do quests. To take a quest you must click on expedition button then head to the spot under your base called Hedeby. Go to the bar and here are the quests. Those are divided into two tabs: main quests and sub-quests. Main quests allow you to unlock new maps, get very cool items or gold in the case of bring x equips. It is advised to start with the sub-quest kill archers x5. It is pretty easy and fastly done and rewards you with 3k gold. Suggested to farm the first two spots of the first map for those.
-Trade silvers for gold in the market of Hedeby. The price for those is changed everyday at 00.00 server time and can vary from 50 to 100 gold each. Silvers are auto-produced by the building Market, the higher the level of the market, the more silvers are produced. You can have up to three markets (same maximum for all auto-producing facilities) and auto-produced goods are acquired every 8 hours at 00.00, 08.00 and 16.00 server time. Silvers are also used to repair weapons via the repair tab in the production menu.
List of items produced by auto-produce facilities:
-Sell stuff in the market. You can stall up to 7 different kinds of items at once. Everything is sellable with the correct price.
-Participate in the Colony War (cw) with a guild every week-end. Fort each colony taken (up to two per guild) a pool of money and items is randomly distributed among each guild members during each maintenance which occurs every Wednesday between 14.00 & 17.00 server time (usually it ends up to one hour earlier cause the staff roxx and work fast). Best colony has a pool of 2M gold distributed equally between all guild members.
-Get into the top 10 of the weekly ranking (ranking then battle tab). Each player in the top 10 of this ranking on Sunday at 04.00 server time get 10k gold and a random cool item (different for every players in the top 10). Plus the first player of the ranking get an extra 100k gold. You also get 250 free silvers at this moment if you have a unit in the top 30 of the unit ranking, but you’ll have a long way to achieve this goal.
-Raid other players. If you successfully raid another player, you’ll get 10% of his gold, 10% of his food and a random item with rarity that he may own. If the target has a higher notoriety then you do, you’ll get 20% of his gold, 20% of his food, 20% of his silvers and the item with rarity. Note: equipped items and items stalled in the market cannot be raided, this is the best way to protect your precious things. So if one day you successfully raid someone who had 5 rarity for example and you get no item it means that he had an item with 5 rarity that was equipped (items sold in Hedeby aren’t counted in the rarity rate). You can see the rarity of your items in the item tab before the details of the item. Raiding can be a dangerous experience, indeed any unit that die in a raid attack lose one LP just like in expedition. Once a unit reaches 0LP it simply disappear. It is suggested for beginners to try to raid the player with the lowest civilisation and no guild in their target list. Usually they have no defense at all and thus it’s an instant win for you. Units in defense never lose LP or weapons durability.
-Battle in expedition. every time you clear a stage you’ll get some gold and some drops by chance.

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